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My name is Lisa and thank you for visiting Treasured Grave Care. We understand that when our loved one's pass, caring for their resting place can be a difficult task for a multitude of personal reasons. As days, months and even years pass it can be difficult to give the grave the care and attention it deserves. I set up Treasured Grave Care after moving from my home county and realising I would one day need to call on the exact same services I offer today. We are here to help provide on-going or one-off maintenance to help preserve and honour the memory of your family or friends. Acting always with the upmost respect and professionalism, we will ensure their resting place is cared for and tributes are laid on your behalf, leaving you to remember them in your own way and focus on the treasured memories you hold.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and personal circumstance.

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We are a Worcester based company servicing Cemeteries and Churchyards across Worcestershire. Here are just a selection of areas we service however, if the location of the grave you are looking to arrange care and tributes for is not highlighted, please get in touch. We can accommodate most requests within the Worcestershire area.

We are also a member of the Association of Grave Tenders, if your loved ones grave is outside the Worcestershire area then please visit the Association website to find a tender who services your area:

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