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Our services & packages can be found below, but if there is a question we haven't answered please contact us or visit our FAQ page


At Treasured Grave Care we give you the peace of mind that your loved one's grave is cared for throughout the year whether you are unable to visit or want to visit without the hassle of undertaking maintenance tasks. 

We care for each grave on an individual basis, but some of the tasks we undertake include:

- Deep clean of the headstone

- Remove any dead plants or weeds

- Lay fresh flowers where appropriate

- Make artificial flower pots- a great longer lasting alternative to fresh flowers

- Removal of any debris or litter

- Add grass seed to any bare patches of turf

- Trim any overgrown grass near the headstone

- Water any plants as appropriate

- Email a photo to designated family members

If the grave hasn't been visited for a while we will also offer advice of any recommended works, for example, the laying of fresh stones for kerbed graves or even the planting of seasonal or perennial flowers to help brighten the grave where appropriate. 

With all our care plans you can be assured we will give your family's grave the attention and care it deserves.


Headstones are constantly exposed to the elements which means over time there can be a build up of moss, lichen and mold causing discolouration of the stone. With regular maintenance and certain types of headstone we find that water is enough to keep the stone clean however, if it has been a while since the headstone has had some attention then a deeper clean can be undertaken to brighten and restore. 

Some of our clients commission us to undertake a one off deep clean or an annual upkeep of the headstone and grave area to keep it looking at its best. 


The below prices are based on a standard headstone and plot. A free initial site visit will be conducted and quote provided before you commit to any care package. We can also care for kerbed graves and memorial stones and will quote accordingly for each grave and condition. Discounts are available for multiple graves in the same plot.

Quarterly Grave Care

4 visits per year

From £55 per visit

Twice Yearly Grave Care

2 visits per year


From £75 per visit


One off or Annual Clean

1 visit


From £95

Morning Coffee


To enquire about any of the above packages, to ask any questions or to book your first visit please complete the contact form. Then pour a coffee, sit back and we will be in touch shortly to start your grave care journey.

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Quality and Service Guarantee 

All the work we carry out is executed in a professional, respectful and timely manner. Following each visit, whether monthly up-keep or a floral tribute delivery, a photograph will be taken and sent to your identified family or friends. 

We cannot accept responsibility or liability for any loss and/or damage that may occur after our work has been completed and we have left the gravesite.

Floral Tributes Substitutions

We endeavour to fulfil any special requests for specific flowers/plants in your arrangement however, in the event there are availability issues of flowers and/or plants, we reserve the right to substitute an item of equal or higher quality/value.


Following acceptance of your order, we will confirm the details in writing and submit an invoice for payment which will form the basis and commencement of the agreement.

Payments are non-refundable and works/floral tributes will not commence or be delivered until payment has been received. 

We accept payment by BAC's transfer or card payments via PayPal. 

Pricing is based on a single grave. Discounts are available for multiple graves in the same plot.

Please contact us immediately and we will aim to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.


Rules and Regulations
Cemetery rules and regulations will be adhered to. Certain services may be unavailable depending on the rules and regulations of the specific cemetery. We will inform you as soon as possible if any service cannot be carried out.


A one-off fee of £25 will be added to locate graves where the grave location number is unavailable or location details cannot be provided.

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