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  • Why use a Grave Care service?
    Our clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages and circumstances. Some of the reasons our clients choose to use a Grave Care service include but are not limited to: - Living too far away from the resting place of a loved one, family member or friend - Work schedules and busy lives that do not allow them to visit and care for the grave as often as they would like - Older clients who are physically unable to visit the grave of a loved one or unable to undertake maintenance tasks required - Those who simply appreciate attending the gravesite without having to perform maintenance tasks - Clients who find it emotionally difficult to visit the gravesite but find peace knowing their loved ones resting place is taken care of - Family and friends who would like a floral tribute delivered on a special day or time of year such as Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day/Father's day, anniverary or a birthday Whatever the reason, our clients find peace and solace knowing their loved ones are taken care of. All our work is executed in a respectful manner and to a high standard.
  • How often do you provide care & maintenance for the gravesite?
    We care for each grave and our clients on an individual basis, however the main packages we offer are quarterly, twice yearly or one off deep cleans which can be repeated on an annual basis. However, if you require a different frequency please get in touch to discuss.
  • Can I choose the day that you visit?
    For our regular care plans we tend to use our best judgement and monitor weather conditions to guide our visits. However, we will always take requests into consideration and do our best to accommodate them. For example, if you are planning to personally visit on a particular day, please let us know and we will avoid attending at the same time. For one off, annual and deep cleans we are happy to discuss time frames to suit both parties.
  • What areas do you cover?
    We service Cemeteries and Churchyards across the Worcestershire area. A selection of some of the Cemeteries and Churchyards we service can be found on our 'About' page. If yours is not there though please get in touch to discuss. We are also a member of the Association of Grave Tenders, if your loved ones grave is outside the Worcestershire area then please visit the Association website to find a tender who services your area:
  • I am not sure of the current condition of the grave, will this impact the service?
    It is normal for a grave to require a little more care and attention especially for the first few visits and maybe more depending on the condition. An assessment will be made on the first visit and reported back with a photograph. It can often take a few months and visits for the condition to improve which we will continue to update you on. Please note headstones will weather with time and may never recover to their original condition. If there is extensive damange to the headstone you will be informed and we may refer you to a specialist stone mason to advise on any repairs required.
  • How will I know the service has been completed?
    We will send a picture of the completed service to any nominated friends or family.
  • I'm not sure of the exact location of the grave, is this a problem?
    The more information you can provide us the better. We will do everything we can to locate the grave based on the information you provide use. If you are able to provide us with the section of the site and a plot number then this helps greatly. There will be an additional, one-off fee to locate graves where much of this information is unavailable.
  • How do I make payment?
    All our care plans can be paid by BAC's or by card via PayPal. Payment must be received before any works are undertaken.
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